Anglų kalbos testas

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Anglų kalbos testas

Vardas El.paštas
1. ____________ you a student?
3. Gitta and Joey are my parents. ___________ live in Kaunas.
4. James and David__________ at home now.
5. He is ______________ doctor.
6. There is the woman _______ lives with me.
7. __________ do you live?
8. __________bag is that?
9. Tom has ____________ English lesson on Thursdays.
10. What do you usually eat for lunch?
11. _________________ she like vegetables?
12. He starts work _________ 4 o’clock ___________ Monday.
13. They ___________ work everyday at 7 o’clock.
14. Do you know _________ good pubs in London?
15. He hasn’t got ________money.
16. We don’t have ____questions.
17. Can I have _________ chocolate?
18. Where _______ you go yesterday?
19. Their grades are ________________ than ours.
20. I _______ Peter tonight.
21. He __________a shower at the moment.
22. We usually have lunch at ______________Grand Hotel with friends.
23. He ___________ to see his mother yesterday.
24. I bought some warm boots because ___________ skiing.
25. I _________ some shopping while I was in town.
26. “What _________ at seven o’clock yesterday evening?” “I was watching T.V.”
27. I love rock and roll. I____________ it all my life.
28. I managed ___________ my passport.
29. I need a recipe for a cake that’s easy ____________.
30. Look at the clouds, I think it _________.
31. I’m going into town tomorrow. I _____________lunch with Jo at 1.00.
32. If I ___________ a million pounds, I would buy a house.
33. We can ask at the tourist office, ____________.
34. She _________ for fifteen years and still likes the job.
35. Look, what I _________, a new watch.
36. He looks angry. He _____his wallet.
37. I was late because the alarm clock ________.
38. I don't mind ____________as long as the roads aren't too busy.
39. He looks very tired. He ___________________very hard.
40. I haven't got a dog._________________.
41. We went abroad on holiday._______________.
42. He was here a moment ago. He ________________ far.
43. On the News. “The President _________ shot.”
44. I've told you once, ____________?
45. I ________ English before I moved to the US.
46. After I _____________ for a couple of hours, I decided to stop.
47. When the phone rang, she _______ the meal.
48. I can’t help ________ her.
49. I asked her if she ______marry me.
50. The winner __________ a prize.
51. He considered ___________ himself to the board.

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